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We love to hear from our beloved customers, so feel free to post all your comments, thoughts, opinions and questions on our collections. DATE WITH US @ Zeelyfe Boutique Paya Bunga Square Lot L3-K7 Jln Masjid Abidin 20200 K.Terengganu or add us as your friend! FB zeemah zee kasim HP 0139972052 FB hafiz matleh HP 0139190618 busana muslimah|bridal makeover

Zeelyfe enterprise is a manufacturer of high quality batik apparel and products with contemporary designs and designs of Muslim fashion for customers from the middle to the top. As evidenced by its product design, Zeelyfe Boutique, the Zeelyfe Enterprise boutique has reflected the younger generation’s appreciation for traditional art through bracket designs but with contemporary touches. Inspired by the environment – the flora, fauna and people around it, fresh, large-scale designs help customers in need of design and large-scale clothing. Each Zeelyfe Boutique design has its own rational, distinctive look and story.

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