Yoogane, Vivacity Kuching


Yoogane Vivacity Kuching is the No 1 Korean restaurant dakgalbi brand in Korea with withmore than 130 outlets in Korea! We have cheese on top of our Chicken Galbi Cheesy Fried Rice as well. Savour the taste of Korea with us. Kindly WhatsApp us to know what's on our menu.

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Yoogane is the number one korean restaurant dakgalbi brand in Korea serving with more than 130 outlets in Korea, and it now arrives at Kuching. We provide delicious and tasty to korean meals to the public, serving with valuable set meals for you to choose from. Calling out to the cheese lovers, one of special dish will bethe Chicken Galbi Cheesy Fried Rice, full with cheesy taste for your to try. Savour the taste of Korea with us, and just contact us through Whatsapp for the menu.
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