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Vlpy Premium Veneer is your wood design veneering solution. We are a supplier of board panels for ceiling wall and concealed door. Our veneer is imported directly from Germany's Fritz Kohl GmbH & Co. Their expertise in wood veneer production (FURNIERWERK) has passed generations. All remarkable wood veneering arts created by Vply, are born with these premium quality wood veneer. We also offer services in interior design for kitchen built in cabinetry industry. Visit our official website to know more about our product and services.

Our office is located at 8, JLN PERINDUSTRIAN BALAKONG JAYA 2/2, TMN PERINDUSTRIAN BALANKONG JAYA 2, 43300 SERI KEMBANGAN, SELANGOR, MALAYSIA. We open Monday - Friday (9:00 - 17:00) and Saturday (9:00 - 13:00). We are closed on Sunday & public holidays.

Sales mobile: 012-2073325
Office mobile: 012-3346071
Email: vplywood@gmail.com

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If you are ammused and attracted with wood designing, do check out Vlpy Premium Verneer. We are the best wood design veneering solution board panel supplier especially for ceiling wall, concealed doors, interior design kitchen and built-in cabinets. We also have few categories on our wood, dividing them into various types based on their tones and colour, including light, mid, dark category, even with our premium panels.
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