Surprise Bandaraya Melaka


These flowers require very little TLC and make great thank you gifts for friends and family. You can even arrange them into a beautiful bouquet of daisies to place on your kitchen table or send as a gift for a special occasion

Looking for a flower that will bloom all year long? Consider the bright colors of the pincushion protea flower or the liush bulbs of green button poms. And if you have a potted plant you’d like to keep around, such as a gardenia plant or hydrangeas, make sure they’re receiving the right sun/shade requirements, enough water, and are seasonally pruned so they can continue to bloom all year round. Our collection of plant gifts can be sent any time of year to your friends, family, and loved ones. We even have same day delivery on a selection of plants in bloom if you’re looking for a last minute surprise! With our potted plant delivery, you can surprise anyone with a gift that will last for years to come.
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