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Freshly boiled edible birdnest Flavour have osmanthus ginseng pandan red dates Doorstep delivery everyday

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Precious Birdnest offers fresh boiled bottled pure bird nest with better quality and better taste experience, it also comes with a lower budget than dried bird nest. We usually serve them during festive seasons to pamper our Precious ones, friends and family. This product is created out of the experience we had for decades, it is also often a form of love and appreciation that customers buy as a gift, and that is also what drives us more to do our best to serve every each one of you, our Precious. From A to Z, we harvest at local Malaysia nest houses, handpicked cleaning at our own facility and produced by ourself. For that, we are able to provide more reasonable price that comes with premium quality so that bird nest drinking everyday will be possible for everyone.
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