Poliklinik Damai Sdn Bhd


24 hours clinic ( klinik 24 jam ) 4D ULTRASOUND, Women's and Children's health clinic, Antenatal follow up, Immunization

We at Poliklinik Damai Dan Surgeri would like to take this opportunity to introduce our practice and also to explore the possibility of our clinics serving people. Poliklinik Damai dan Surgeri is a group medical practice currently serving areas of Puchong and Kajang. Primary Care Physicians and Occuptional Health Physicians manage our clinics and all are fully qualified and registered with the Malaysian Medical Council. All our clinics offer up to date facilities such as ECG, Ultrasound, X-ray, blood tests, executive medical screening and employees health surveillance screening. In our premises, we have surgical daycare facilities. We also provide home visiting services and house calls to facilitate urgent needs. We undertake health education and counselling services, conduct preplacement and other medical examinations and are also involved in emergency and primary treatment of workers. We provide assistance in general preventive health measures to industries, carry out medical surveillance and are involved in designing health promotional activities and programs. Our medical practice operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, inclusive of public holidays to ensure your convenience and our fees are reasonable. We are confident that you will find our medical care and services to be benefit to you.
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