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Established since 2009 KLC Education Group focuses on teaching children essential life skills and laying the groundwork for future academic success Having already operated a successful preschool we wanted to structure an expanded curriculum with each class building on lessons learned in the previous one In 2014 KLC launched their Language Centres and the KLC s MASTER KEY programme to connect with more students who were interested in learning English and to address the gaps in reading fluency and spelling accuracy among young learners These efforts resulted in a significant improvement in the reading and comprehension abilities of our students and an increased interest in book reading as well as a boost in their confidence levels Today we continue to strive to bring out the best in our students through our passion experience and innovative spirit

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KLC is a premium child education solution that focuses on helping children unlock their full potential through groundbreaking educational methods. Using language as the foundation of our syllabus, we help our students build and enhance their communication, leadership and cognitive thinking skills. Our goal is to provide them with an enjoyable and effective learning experience that will bring them to a path with lifelong success.
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