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Etiqa Takaful is a universal Islamic Mualamah product suitable to be practiced by every people regardless Muslims or non-Muslims. http://www.etakaful.com.my

At the core of the Etiqa brand is the essence of humanizing Takaful & Insurance. In an industry where agreements are typified by triplicate and fine print, Etiqa seeks to humanize the process by breaking down boundaries through clarity, strength and good conscience. With rock solid foundation, Etiqa is able to provide a unique ability to work hand-in-hand with customers enabling them to live richer lives. Backed by Malaysia's largest bank, Etiqa's rock solid financial standing puts it in good stead to become the No.1 insurer in Malaysia. Etiqa is already in pole position for the Takaful businesses with a market share of 44% percent in 2010. Etiqa is ranked no. 1 in Combined Insurance and Takaful business for both Life/Family (new business) and General.
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