CIC Bandar Enstek

Negeri Sembilan

CIC, Where Leaders are Born. This page will showcase all the fun activities that is happening in our CIC Bandar Enstek. Pay us a visit at our local address and we will guide your through the adventure! Come now! We are always excited to welcome you!

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Where Leaders are born , our motto here are for your children. We have grown world class educational institution and the most reliable and trusted brand for the Muslim families. Our institute offers up to 4 packages for your children from 3 years old to 12 years old. One of our program is a 6 hours program where the children learn every subjects plus reading Al-Quran, Practical solat, creating stories and lunch at the centre. This is to improve students knowledge and skills in religious and moral education to uphold the legacy of Islam. This also will produce an excelled individual who is balanced and ready for success in this world and hereafter.
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