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BYOB Entrepreneurship Alliance provides a full range of online shop teaching and factory price supply for each member of it affiliates so that members can truly set up their own shops and start their own businesses with only ultra-low-cost. BYOB Entrepreneurship Alliance is divided into BYOB Entrepreneurship Academy and BYOB Entrepreneurship Mall. BYOB Entrepreneurship Academy provides a professional and systematic online shop teaching for every member so that you can learn to be an online shop owner even with zero foundation. Hire gold lecturers in China and Malaysia to guide each member in a targeted manner and customize a money-making plan that suits them! On the other hand, BYOB Venture Mall provides every member with first-hand manufacturer products, which are the source of Shopee, Lazada, and Taobao, but the price is lower, high-definition real shots, no need to stock up, support for delivery, zero risks, product profit ratio as high as 10 times and ensure high income for members.
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