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Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

At Klinik Nur'Aina, we are providing General healthcare services including Ante/Post natal, 2/3/4/5D Ultrasound scan, Detail scan, Vaccines, ECG RBC and IUCD. Visit our social media pages to keep yourself updated with the services and promotions that we have to offer. Kindly call or WhatsApp us for enquiries.

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Klinik Nur' Aina provides services such as general healthcare services including Ante/Post natal, ultrasound and detail scanning, Vaccines, ECG, RBC and IUCD. Dr. Aina is a 20-years experienced doctor in O and G, which is a trustworthy doctor. Klinik Nur' Aina is also having a promotion which is the Antenal Package, provided with a reasonable price. Calling out to the pregnant mothers' out there who would like to monitor the growth of your infant, also check it out here for ultrasound services !
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