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Dapo is a brand under The Green Factory that is a sustainable manufacturer of wood products based in Ampang, Selangor. We adopt a green holistic approach to crafting products using locally sourced certified wood and reclaimed wood to develop furniture, homeware, and gift items.

Dapo takes inspiration from Malaysia’s enriched culture to create timeless homeware pieces that celebrate our unique lifestyle & identity. Founded in 2017, we began our journey with Dapo by crafting custom tableware for local eateries but soon expanded with an assortment of collections that homemakers across the world can enjoy in their own homes.

If you are interested in our products, kindly visit our website or social media page to know more about them. If you would like to purchase our wonderful products, kindly place an order on our website, we will have them delivered right to your doorstep.

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Dapo derives its name from the original Malay word "Dapur", which means kitchen or cooking stove. Our humble journey began with the customisation of wooden tableware for restaurants and cafes flourishing around Malaysia’s capital city, which later inspired us to curate our own ready-made collection of woodware that could be enjoyed by dwellers across the bustling town of Kuala Lumpur. To date, Dapo offers food enthusiasts as well as conscious homemakers with unique items crafted from Malaysia’s sustainable natural materials ranging from certified timber, plantation wood, and reclaimed wood. Our designs are also inspired by elements of the Malay culture fused with modern and sustainable adaptations, where we hope to enrich users with tales of our exotic history through practical and contemporary depictions. 

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