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Beauty care/ PRP autologous serum (exclusive deep technique)/Shuiguang acupuncture/ Whitening drip/semi-permanent eyebrow & eyeliner/eyelash grafting/neck wrinkle removal/placenta extract/facial and body fat dissolving/freezing point hair removal/vanadium titanium water/E-light freckle rejuvenation/oily spot Appointment ☞016-6572754

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Jasmine Skin Beauty is located in Melaka, Malaysia.We offer services such as beauty care, PRP autologous serum (exclusive deep technique), Shuiguang acupuncture and whitening drip or semi-permanent eyebrow. Other than this, services like eyeliner, eyelash grafting, neck wrinkle removal, placenta extract, facial and body fat dissolving, freezing point hair removal, vanadium titanium water, E-light freckle rejuvenation or oily spot also available here with reasonable prices. Please make appointment to 016-6572754 if you are interested.
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