Holistic Pharmacy Sdn Bhd

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Our pharmacy provides quality healthcare services. The pharmacists are expects in medicines and will use their clinical expertise, together with their practical knowledge, to ensure the safe supply and use of medicines by the public. Besides, we also dispense prescription and non-prescription medicines. The pharmacists are able to give you advice about how to use your medicines and highlight any possible side effects.

Holistic Pharmacy 4U Is an online store which Is selling the preferred healthcare products and services, The Holistic Pharmacy has come a long way since its pioneering days in 2000 with Its objective to cater mainly to the local community of Kuala Lumpur, selling health-related products and pharmacy services. Today, Holistic Pharmacy has been highly rated by Its customers In areas, which are very important to them as one-stop healthcare provide, These are: convenience, low prices, modern and comfortable stores, better selection of high-quality brands and products, good service as well as attractive and interesting promotions, Hof sties commitment to Its customer's needs is also reflected in the team of professional pharmacists, who are hired and assigned to the stores to give professional advice and consultation to the customer, To ensure they are able to provide timely and appropriate advice at all times, they are sent to refresher courses regularly to learn about new drugs, new diseases, and viruses.
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