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Dairuola’s products include bio-repair mask, vitalizing cleanser, morning/night moisturiser, handmade soup, plant essential oil, eye cream and cosmetics. Dairuola is the world’s top brand of botanical skincare products. Advocating "bringing miraculous and purely natural experience to skin", Dairuola is characterized by greenness, healthiness, delicate workmanship, exquisiteness and temperament. It produces high-grade, healthy and efficient skincare products. Thus, it has quickly overwhelmed ladies and gentlemen of the world who "expect to look good".

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In early 1930s, Dairuola built a brand named after Dairuola in France. She added a splendid chapter to the history of modern international skincare cosmetics with her talent, keen insight and perseverant innovation of the cosmetics. In mid 1930s, Dairuola launched a famous series of skincare products with the theme of "Green Power". Owing to its unconventional sciences and technologies, Dairuola became well-known for its scientific and research. In late 1930s, Dairuola, who was quite interested in skincare products, built the brand DVZ (Flower Color) after years of research. Thus, she created a great ecological fashion empire and expanded its market to China. All life experiences are sources of innovations. Apart from her good fortune, she was born with talent and creativity! So far, Guangzhou Fang Rui Biology Co., Ltd has launched all its products with endless charm of Dairuola. Dairuola, the everlasting Dairuola.

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