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Divineshi International wholly owned by The Divineshi Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd exist to make beauty better for everyone. Our business is not just about manufacturing cosmetics. It’s about giving brand conscious and beauty an avenue to express and communicate, as we pursue our dream of becoming the best cosmetic manufacturer in the world. Beauty is in the outlook of our delicate skin. We have to take care them by cleanse it, scrub it, moisturize it, countering it, highlighting it and perfume it. Therefore, pampering our skin is an essential skin routine in a daily basis. Healthy skin is a crucial nevertheless Divineshi International has manufactured good natural products with natural ingredients for healthy looking skin for all types of age. A well maintained skin is the greatest success for men and women as well.

Philosophy is Divineshi International is a brand that you trust and celebrates of feeling well and living joyously. We want to inspire you to live a better life by being better to yourself. The Divineshi International Malaysia’s Own Homegrown Brand A premium local brand that has been able to position itself at par with the international brands. Maintain local identity, yet with better international appeal. Strong product and marketing contribution margin in a highly competitive fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) cosmetics and in the skincare market. The team at Divineshi International would be happy to hear from you. We at International Divineshi International firmly believes in doing everything we can to ensure all the customers satisfaction.
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