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Create CIL (M) Sdn Bhd is a company that sells assistive products for people with disabilities. We sell products such as wheelchairs, hospital beds, partitions, lateral positioning cushion, hand mitts, hoist slings, isolation gown, geriatric clothing and many more. Visit our social media page to see more of the products that we have at our shop, FOr more information regarding our products, kindly call or WhatsApp us.

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Our company here is a company of manufacturing quality Asisstive and rehabilitation products . We are here to sell devices such as foldable electric patient hoist that can assist people with disabilities. One of our new products is the anti - bacteria ward screen and curtain. It's suitable for hospital, clinics and Elderly Centre Use. The function for this is for hygeine purposes to prevent germs and bacteria transmittting from each other. it's really useful especially on this covid-19 pandemic to reduce the infection risks.
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