The Auni'S Frozen Foods


The Auni'S Frozen Foods is a grocery store that is located in Johor. There you can find various types of daily and Halal products.

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Aunis Frozen Foods helps you make breakfast and afternoon tea. Just fry and eat it! Selling KARIPAP KENTANG RM5.00 / 15 SEEDS, KARIPAP SARDIN RM5.00 / 12 SEEDS, CHICKEN KARIPAP RM5.50 / 12 SEEDS, MEAT KARIPAP RM5.50 / 12 SEEDS, DONUT RM5.00 / 10 SEEDS, SAMOSA KENTANG RM5.00 / 10 SEEDS, SAMOSA MEAT RM5.50 / 10 SEEDS, POPIAH OTAK2 RM6.00 / 15 SEEDS and more. Do WhatsApp 60127767017 for any orders!
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