Somme Foods Sdn Bhd

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

We are an established food and beverage company which specialises in niche catering services within Klang Valley under the brand ‘SOMME’. Our company, Somme Foods Sdn Bhd has been established since November 2007 with a paid up capital of RM40,000. The year 2019 is a year of growth for us and we are anticipating further expansion of our setup to cater for the increasing demand. At Somme Foods, we believe there is a better way of doing things. We believe in a less invasive way in meeting our customers’ needs. We are obsessively passionate about it. We bring inspiration and innovation to every food that we cook. Allour food are cooked to the highest of standards maintaining the highest level of quality at each stage of the cooking process. We aspire to achieve thehighest rate of satisfied customers always. As a family at Somme Foods, we make magic, operateon imagination, individuality, inclusivity and impact. We maintain stringent systems and processes that ensurethe quality of our food is not compromised.Weutilisetopquality equipmentand only fresh food from quality suppliers at all times. Somme Foods is committed to delivering quality Food and Beverage solutions to our customers.

The brand SOMME is inspired from the idyllic northern region of France, the river Somme with rich heritage of food, culture and history. Pronounced as ‘SOM’, our brand symbolises exquisite and sophisticated food preparation as found in any French cuisine robustly expanded to tickle our pallet. The brand SOMME and its pronunciation, coincidentally echoes the affectionatename of the founder’s late mother, KALSOM ROUSE, who has been an inspiration to the founder, Firdaus Musa. Since childhood, he had been assisting and watching his mother baking cakes, cookies, doing housechoresand helping at ‘kenduris’preparing all types of dishes. The small scale business that his mother undertook to support the family has inspired him to continue the legacy and bring it to the next level. The SOMME brand hasnot only beeninspired by the Frenchregion but is alsoan epitome of the passion for food, cooking and catering of the founder’s family. ‘My memories of my late mother in the kitchen with hired helpers and occasionallyme, following her in search of baking ingredients, taking the cakes out of the oven, layering butter cream and putting cookies in the jars, going to the market, assisting in the cooking process, and serving food were the sweetest moments of my life with her’ - Firdaus Musa.
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