Chatto is a Japanese hand made tea shop that only uses high quality tea imported from Shizuoka City the Japanese tea capital The profound and good taste of tea is unforgettable

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CHATTO - Handcrafted Tea Bar is a japanese concept Tea Bar established in Southern Part of Malaysia. As tea beverages are getting more popular in Malaysia, CHATTO starts its 1st branch in Iskandar Malaysia and offers variety selection of handcrafted teas in year 2017.At CHATTO, you could enjoy the premium tea base which directly import from Shizuoka Japan, Taiwan and China. We select the premium tea base to ensure the taste of our beverage is always good and quality. On top of that, we control the sweetness of every drink to make sure customer can enjoy our beverages with a more healthy way. CHATTO also provide a comfortable and relaxing space for the customer to enjoy their tea in the tea bar.
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