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Fengwei hotpot has a variety choices of foods serves with well braised broth

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If you are searching for some delicious and tasty hotpot diches, Feng Wei Hotpot can be your top choice. We serve various types of tender and fresh meats such as beef and pork, hotpot side dishes with our special well braised broth with different flavours including YingYang and Pork bone soup. If you are craving for other asian dishes, we are pleased to serve you our traditional rice and noodles, along with our fried food. In addition, cashless payment such as Sarawakpay, Boost and Grabpay are accepted for the convenience of our customers. Besides, we also provide free delivery services for a spending of Rm80 and above to our customers within 8km of radius within our shop, for our customers to enjoy our food at home comfortably.
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