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Telekung Siti Khadijah is the First Innovation Telekung provided to meet the needs of Modern Muslimahs who want to use practical, comfortable and reliable prayer clothing that has a design with forehead chin pads in the shape of a telekung child that has been sewn once which helps to prepare this. Telekung Siti Khadijaha also makes it easier for users when wearing and removing them and increases their confidence during worship. We have telekung of various styles and use various fabrics to suite everyone's taste. Our telekung is designed according to the taste of each individual collection as each telekung is made out of various types of fabrics, suitable for different situations, from daily use up to Hajj and Umrah. Besides telekung, we also sell sejadah, men and women apparel, shoes, bags, shampoo, body wash, hair mist and hand sanitizer. To know more about the range of products that we have to offer and where our stores are located, kindly visit our website. You could also place your order on our website.

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Here at Siti Khadijah, we strive to create a complete prayer outfit (telekung) that you will love. More importantly, we want to help you stay focused when performing your ibadah. Siti Khadijah was built on a desire to help followers of the faith feel equanimous in their prayer. In a world where the devout grow in numbers and where faith is a pillar of their life, we aim to be the spiritual companion of life’s journey. Each piece of creation is designed to the finest thought and details to help you feel a mindful connection when performing your spiritual obligations. Our prayer outfits, apparel and accessories are thoughtful creations made based on crucial insight of the day of life of our consumers. 

Today, Siti Khadijah has more than 37 outlets nationwide including a new special flagship store in KLCC. Beyond Malaysia, Siti Khadijah has expanded to four outlets in Indonesia, with more outlets to come in the future. Siti Khadijah is rapidly diversifying product lines, and expanding geographical markets to become the leader in Muslim lifestyle products. We remain guided by the principles of comfort, functionality and beautiful styling as we continue in our journey to become the world’s largest Muslim’s lifestyle brand.

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