The first online & retail boutique offering a variety of 100% genuine leather handbags & crossbags.

Starting with a deep interest in handbags as well as various types of crossbags, we started our business on a small scale through 'online'. In 2011, this business based on leather goods and accessories was successfully registered at SSM under one brand, LEADERDIVA®. Armed with the knowledge of how to import goods from abroad by attending entrepreneurship courses, we started looking for 100% genuine leather-based goods, with unique designs, or even designs inspired by international brands. With this stock and based on the positive response from customers, we took steps by opening a sales booth, kiosk site, then rented a shop lot at the Berjaya Megamall Kuantan shopping complex and finally moved to a larger shop lot, at Putra Square Kuantan until now . At the beginning of the business, sales products consisted of genuine leather goods and leather blends. In order to ensure product quality and to ensure customer satisfaction, we focus on marketing products based on 100% genuine leather goods. Generally, leather bag items will not be flaky, durable, and ‘evergreen’. The unique design of each LEATHERDIVA® product is guaranteed and always shares the advantages of leather goods with our customers. LEATHERDIVA® leather bags are quality and affordable, design comparable to international brands.
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