At Chanteqcuncraft, we sell hand crafts and Noor Arfa Batik clothing. Some of the products that we sell includes handmade Crystal brooches, kaftan overlap, sarung goldline, batik cloth, batik clothing for men and women, batik blouse, and many more. Visit our Instagram page to see more of the products that we have in store. Kindly WhatsApp us to for enquiries or if you would like to place an order with us.

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Hijab-wearing ladies, if your teeny tiny brooches always go missing, then you will surely find comfort in knowing about Chanteqcuncraft, a quirky and happy go lucky online shop selling beautiful handmade brooches with delicate crystal designs that is going to swoon you away. The seller, Ms Nur Nida is also an authorised agent for the renowned NoorArfa tudung making these 2 products are match made in heaven for fellow hijab-wearing ladies.
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