Bajukurungkedah.Exclusive offers Baju Kedah Tradisional with trusted dropship. We sell both plain and batik Baju Kedah. We offer a wide variety of Baju Kedah designs for you to choose from. Visit our page now to see more of what we have in store! You can WhatsApp or DM us on Instagram if you have any enquiries or if you would like to place an order. Postage rate will be based on the weight of your order.

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If there is one baju kurung style that will flatter everyone, it would be Baju Kurung Kedah and the best place to get it is none other than Bajukurungkedah.Exclusive. This shop sells mainly baju kurung Kedah with batik prints that will make anyone wearing it look dainty. Don't miss their current promotion of only RM120 for 2 pairs of baju kurung!
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