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ZIB Artificial Intelligence Children's Early Education Learning Robot for children is suitable for age between 0-12 years old, with the aid of ZIB App for education. ZIB Robot is good for your children accompanied growth intelligent robot. Your children will have a human-computer interaction with the robot. Touch the smart-touch area, and the clues will come out, and then say the contents you want to hear. It will auto-matically answer!

ZIB Robot stores about 300 million questions and answers, 200 million encyclopedic knowledge, you can communicate with children through dialogue, mutual translation, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, preschool education, storytelling, singing, Chinese learning, ancient poetry, riddles and so on. Parents can also interact with children's remote language. A smart robot that can accompany children to learn and grow, and can stop children watching cartoons, bad habits such as playing cell phones, and avoiding myopia. It is a robot worth having!



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Founded on October 18, 2016, it is an intelligent children's education platform integrating intelligent hardware design and research and development, and the creation of high-quality children's parent-child education content. Zhiban Technology is headquartered in Guangzhou, with branches in Shenzhen, Wuxi, Wuhan and other places in China. At present, Zhiban Technology has successfully launched Zhiban Educational Robot 1S, Zhiban Small Z Robot, Zhiban Small K Children's Smart Microphone, Zhiban Baner Robot, Zhiban Educational Robot 1X, Zhiban Small Y Portable Robot, and Zhiban Picture Book Robot. A series of hardware products such as Xiao H, Zhiban 1C Pro logical thinking training machine, and parent-child education content platforms such as Zhiban Youxue APP and Zhiban AI Growth Academy are committed to solving the pain points of family parent-child education and helping every family and child to0. With high-quality parent-child companionship and educational content, children can grow up in love and happiness.

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