The Reality of Working from Home


Now, let’s be honest.

In these unusual times, many of us find ourselves suddenly fulfilling our dream to work from home. Dream came true, right?

However, reality sets in when it dawns upon you that jobs which allow working from home now are not all rainbows and roses. There is no longer a physical distinction to differentiate your working hours from personal time; your kids are always crying for your attention; you struggle to maintain self-discipline when you are in control of your own time.

Here are 5 tips for working from home that will help you focus and manage time better.

  1. Set up a dedicated workstation

    It may seem unnecessary, but setting up a dedicated space for your work station can actually help you focus better to stay on task. With a consistent working space, you are more likely to stay more alert and organized as it helps to tell your brain that it’s time to get to work. For those with children, it also provides a physical boundary to let them know that you’re at work. So, tempting as it is… stop working from your bed (or couch)!


  2. Have regular working hours

    Our fantasies on working from home often revolve around flexibility and wearing your pyjamas to work. A 20-second commute from your bed to the office is something many of us could only dream of not too long ago. However in reality, you should work when you’re most productive and setting consistent working hours will help to keep you accountable to yourself and your employer.

    Due to the Work From Home arrangement, most people today do not have a clear distinction between personal time and professional working hours.

    Recent studies have shown that employees are working longer hours at home now than before in office. A clearly defined working hours would certainly help prevent work from disrupting your work life balance.

    When you have a set of fixed working hours, it makes things a whole lot easier for you and people around you to make plans and schedule for meetings or activities in advance.

    Remember to also communicate this to your team members.

    Additionally, it can also help your children to learn when you can and can’t be disturbed when you’re working from home. But don’t forget to check your email or WhatsApp messages occasionally in case something urgent is needed!

    Have regular working hours


  3. Furniture matters

    Since you’ll be spending a lot of time at your home office, it may be wise to spend a little bit more on comfortable home office furniture sets. It is important to note that office furniture are well designed to be functional and adequately cater to your posture as well as needs. Plopped up on your couch or a kitchen bench may be fine for a short while but it might cause body aches in the long-run especially as our generation tend to spend long hours in front of our laptops for work. For a start, invest in an ergonomic office chair for better lower back support and good posture.

    To help you personalize your space, why not reach out to some of our furniture sellers on cari@unifi?



  4. Don’t forget to take breaks!

    This is a highly underrated advice. Yes, you still need to take breaks even if you are working from home. When you are working from home, it is easy to short change yourself of breaks. When your physical space is your living space as well as your office, it can be overwhelming to be home all the time.

    Long hours could lead to lethargy, back pain, stress, and decision fatigue. Do simple stretches at home, such as the standing side stretch and back twists, or take a walk during your break instead of scrolling through social media. Step away from your screens to refresh your mind.

    Studies have shown that just five minutes of this can help boost emotional and physical health!

    Yoga session


  5. Upgrade your internet and strengthen your Wi-Fi signal!

    As we’re spending a lot more time at home, this may be the best time for you to upgrade to a high-performance router. It can be very frustrating when you struggle to connect to your router or your connection speed is slow. Especially when you live in a large or multi-storey home where the Wi-Fi signal may be weak at some areas of the house. Add on a Mesh Wi-Fi system to boost the Wi-Fi signal at every corner of your house with unifi. This can be a lifesaver when you have a lot of people living under the same roof and your designated workstation might not have strong Wi-Fi coverage. Stress will definitely kick in and cause delays to your work schedule.

    For a peace of mind on your home internet connection, find out more about unifi’s latest broadband and Mesh Wi-Fi plans

    Upgrade your internet and strengthen your Wi-Fi signal!
    Extra tip: Communicate!

    Last but not least, communication is key when you’re working from home. Whatever and however you decide to work from home, communicate those needs and preferences to your superiors and colleagues so that everyone is on the same page.

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