How to flaunt your #OOTD during a pandemic


With all the MCO, CMCO, RMCO that we’ve faced throughout most of this year, is #OOTD still relevant?




While none of us gets to go out much these days, who says you can’t dress up and do some fashion photography at home? In fact, whether it is an outfit for working from home or simply for the reason of wanting to dress up, it is healthy to do little things that make you happy when we are battling an invisible enemy.

With tons of clothes many of us have bought from online shopping this year, and not a lot of outings to wear them to, you can organise a fun dressing up day for your household, or even document your outfit throughout the COVID-19 situation. To make sure these photos look good, we’ve prepared some tips for your outfit of the day (or better known as #OOTD) whether you’re at home, your bedroom or on a rare trip to the outer world.


1. Have fun with your outfit

An integral part of your OOTD is of course your outfit! Whether you are showing your work outfit of the day, a casual ‘WFH uniform’ at home, or just feeling like experimenting with different hijab styles, it is really up to you on how you curate your OOTDs! You and your outfit are the stars of the show. You have the power to make your outfit look awesome!

Oh, to spare you the trouble of spending your morning worrying over your clothes, plan your outfit the night before. That way you can enjoy your breakfast and don’t need to rush for your morning coffee ;)


2. Location, location, location

Want to try on that new pair of jeans? Experimenting with nature-themed aesthetics? The world (or in this case, your house) is your oyster. Your location is not merely a background. It can form your story or even part of your outfit. There is endless depth of creativity to explore on this side.

Usually OOTDs take place when you’re out and about. But since not a lot of that is going on right now, we have a few suggestions for your OOTD location at home.

  • Room corners are the obvious choice when you’re at home. Even better if they’re by the window with natural lighting.
  • Your bed is not just comfortable to sleep in but your pretty bedsheet can also be used as your backdrop!
  • Use that mirror and try out mirror selfies for your OOTD. You can even make it your OOTD mirror. (Tips: When working with mirror, remember to check that everything’s in the shot)
  • Cabinet doors and drapes can also be used as your textured backdrop to try something different
  • A plain wall is also great as a minimal backdrop for your outfit of the day shot!
  • Take it outside and make full use of your You can even match your outfit with your plants. Plants can add great character to your OOTD.


Pick a dedicated spot for your OOTD or switch up it to different places around your house! And make use of your furniture.


3. Get the right lighting

Lighting can make or break your OOTD. Yes, it is that important. The ideal spot for your OOTD would have a lot of natural light to give you a natural glow. Natural lighting is your BFF; especially if you’re taking photos indoors. Experiment with shadow effects, play with the light’s entry direction. Make the light work for you.

Camera phones these days are also better equipped for your OOTDs. You can also control the lighting for your photos by adjusting the camera brightness setting on your phone.

Meanwhile for those who are willing to invest a little bit on your OOTDs, you can jump onto the trend of 2020 by getting yourself a ring light. A halo that would literally light up your day.

Pro-tip: The best time to take your photos is in an hour after sunrise and late afternoon. It provides the most flattering light for your photos.


4. Unleash the model within ;)

Once you’ve chosen your outfit and your OOTD spot of the day, now it’s time for the actual shot! The more human of us might struggle to get photos that don’t look awkward and stiff. So we’ve put together some quick tips to lay down the basics of getting the best photo out of you.


  • First and foremost - Relax and have fun! The more you relax, the more natural your photo will turn out. Unleash the model within you!
  • Fake laughs make great photos. You might cringe or scoff of the idea, but try it first. You will be surprised.
  • A hair flip adds great flair to your photo. It gives off a sense of confidence and that is always key to making great photos.
  • Take a few steps away or towards the camera to create and add a depth of drama to your OOTD
  • If you want to make your legs look longer, try putting one leg in front of the other
  • Lean against a wall or furniture to strike a natural pose. It’s a great way to make yourself feel less awkward too.
  • Sitting down is another great way to strike a natural pose. There are no rules saying an OOTD has to be a full form body shot.
  • Shoot different angles to give your photos new perspective. It might surprise you how big of a difference it can make.


Pro-tip: If you’re using a phone camera, set your camera option to square to make sure you can get all the details you want included for your ‘gram!


5. Details (accessorise / add props)

Want to give yourself a reason to wear that new bag you just bought? Or share the joy of finding a unique artisanal earrings? Want to show off your new batik face mask?  Include them in your OOTD!

Accessories allow your personality to shine through in a photo and can double as props to help you feel more confident and comfortable when posing for your OOTD.

Whether you’ve been swept away by the Halyu wave or curating your own fashion style, cari@unifi has some great choices for your accessories. Check out Heartbeat Jewel, Flair and more! 


The most important thing - have fun with your #OOTD! Enjoy the little joys in life! But remember - if you have been outside, don’t forget to change your clothes and shower as soon as you get home.

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