The Meaning of Merdeka from COVID-19


Written by Dr. Mohd Izhan Mohd Yusoff

cari@unifi wishes all Malaysians Selamat Hari Kebangsaan

31 August 1957, a date that is meaningful to all Malaysians, commemorating our nation's independence from British colonial rule. The event where Tunku Abdul Rahman, cladded in a Malay traditional suit, raised his hand chanting “Merdeka!” marked the independence of Tanah Melayu and is now celebrated as Hari Merdeka. Then, Sabah and Sarawak were released from British colonial rule through the formation of Malaysia on 16 September 1963, the same date we now celebrate as Hari Malaysia. 

Throughout the years since then, Malaysia has prospered and her people remain united to defend this beloved land. Fast forward 64 years, Malaysians now face a challenging time that is a worldwide pandemic. Despite that, Merdeka Malaysians only strengthen our patriotism and love for the country, with one mission to bring Malaysia back to its glory days.

United to Flatten the Curve

Malaysia’s fight against COVID-19 is far from over, based on the statistics of new infections daily. This however, does not discourage Malaysians from winning the fight against the virus. Other than holding back, experience from previous year in managing the pandemic has shown Malaysians more vigilant to flatten the curve. We see that everyone adheres to the strict Standard Operating Procedures, especially social distancing in public. It is also encouraging to witness Malaysians become braver to warn others who are disobedient. Should everyone continue to unite to flatten the curve, we will win sooner than expected.

Spirit of #kitajagakita

This long pandemic period, truth being told, has taken a toll on Malaysians especially on our well-being and mental health. Either from depression, loss of income or family members, we Malaysians understand the struggles as we are in the same boat. Together as a free nation, Malaysians lend a helping hand to others with rations and donations for those in need. Those who are mentally overwhelmed, some Malaysians go to extra extent to provide free counseling. All these acts of kindness is a strong proof that Malaysians embrace the spirit of togetherness and care for others in challenging times.

Save Others, Get Tested

Yes, prevention is better than cure. However the Delta variant, which recently found to be the main cause for surge of infections, transmits much more efficiently than other variance. Horrifyingly, some victims showed no symptoms after infected. At this stage of the pandemic, we cannot afford to just stay safe, as the virus spreads more violently. That is why Malaysians are encouraged to get tested - if identified as closed contact or shown symptoms. 

If you would like to get tested, mass screenings for COVID-19 are regularly performed, especially at locations placed under the Enhanced Movement Control Order, or EMCOPrivate clinics can offer testing too, such as these clinics from cari@unifi 


Support our local vendors

Strict lockdowns or Movement Control Orders nationwide have been put in place to stop the spread of the virus. While lockdowns helped to reduce infections, largely local home and small businesses were affected. Now, more than ever is the time to support our local businesses. It is refreshing to see more and more local businesses venturing into the digital platform. So, it is easier to reach them and easier for everyone to support local products and services.

cari@unifi listed local businesses near you. Find what you love, or list your business for free. If you need to boost your business digitally, eBiz Pack offers an unlimited Postpaid plan with digital marketing for your business. No Business Registration Number (BRN) required, all local businesses welcomed. Find out more about eBiz Pack here

Ramp up Vaccination Rate

This patriotic month, what if Malaysia could achieve herd immunity by vaccinating 80% of its 32 million population, much earlier than the planned vaccination programme? To date, approximately 3.7 million Malaysians are vaccinated, and Malaysia ranked amongst top countries with the highest average daily COVID-19 vaccination rate. This is certainly something to cheer for and celebrate this patriotic month. Herd immunity is nearer than we think, should we continue to ramp up vaccination rate. If we achieve this in conjunction with Hari Malaysia, we, as Malaysians, are Merdeka from COVID-19!


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