Kuih Raya Trends 2021


The best ‘kuih raya’ or Raya cookies are the ones that made you cannot stop munching, has the right amount of sweetness and a buttery texture that will surely bring out the ‘raya’ feels. Either homemade or store-bought, we have seen plenty of creative creations to kuih raya over the years. Sure, everybody loves the classic almond London, corn flakes cookies or pineapple tarts - but the newly created recipes are strong contenders to what makes a delicious Raya cookie. Either way, there’s no harm in having a wide variety of selection for everyone, after all, raya is a joyous occasion with food galore! Let’s check out some of Raya cookie trends we might see this Hari Raya.

Lotus Biscoff Raya Cookies

Originated from Belgium, the Lotus Biscoff is a butter cookie advertised to pair well with coffees. In Malaysia however, we have seen trends the cookies being crushed into crumbs and spread over desserts such as cheesecakes. Since the cakes receive an overwhelming response among dessert lovers, we might see bakeries and home bakers start having Biscoff Raya Cookies on their menu. So far, we have seen raya cookies creations such as coffee and Biscoff, Biscoff butter and a twist to the classic semperit - Biscoff semperit cheese.

It is expected that Biscoff infused Raya cookies might be in the premium category, as the main ingredient (Biscoff) is imported.

Salted Caramel Drizzles

For some, too much sweet can be boring… since most of Raya cookies are basically a mixture of sugar and flour. It’s time to take it up a notch, add on some saltiness! Previously, cheesy flavour would have been a popular choice, but now salted caramel flavoured cakes and ice creams are loved by many. Salted caramel has made its debut into Raya cookies for quite some time, for it is a popular alternative over caramel. The salted caramel can be drizzled onto corn flakes cookies, flour based cookies or even as a dipping condiment. Go on, opt for salted caramel cookies this Hari Raya to surprise your guests with that little taste of saltiness.


If you are a fan of layered pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey, you would love a baklava. One of the most popular sweet pastries from Turkey, baklava can satisfy your sweet craving with just one bite, literally because of its bite-size shape. Baklava comes in a variety of nuts such as pistachios, almonds and walnuts. It is a refreshing selection for raya cookies - but a fair warning, baklava is high on calories, you might want to limit your intake per day!

Mini Donuts

Suitable for children (and adults), mini donuts are a fun addition to raya cookies selection. As they are colourful and comes in variety of flavours, there’s always a favourite donut for everyone. Some shops have localised their mini donuts too such as pandan, kaya and gula Melaka. If you are not into sweet tooth, rare finds of savoury selection such as chicken floss, pepperoni and rendang are also available. These bakers sure are creative in creating new flavours for our local taste! Mini donuts are also perfect for gifting when packed in a box of 2, or up to a half dozen for the guests to enjoy when they get home.

Anything-but-Pineapple Tarts

Sure, we love the conventional pineapple tarts… but we love the new creations in tarts too! There are new fillings introduced such as Nutella among others. Nutella tarts have that mixed taste of sweet (from the Nutella) and salty (from the flour) that goes very well together. The texture is soft, and the best part, it melts in your mouth! We are excited to see raya cookies sellers are introducing other fillings too, including peanut butter, chocolate spread and even dried fruits.

Bonus: COVID-19 theme Cookies

As we are still in the pandemic, some raya cookies sellers are getting creative by taking advantage of the current situation. There are raya cookies designed like a face mask, coronavirus and even the mySejahtera QR code pattern drawn on! They are simply mesmerizing to look at the intricate work, other than the reminder of staying safe. 

Raya cookies is a must have on Hari Raya celebration checklist. Everyone has a favourite, and we are excited to see more and more creations are added to the classic raya cookies. We used to see raya cookies sold during raya season only, but nowadays there are local sellers who offer raya cookies all year long. Let’s support our local sellers this raya!

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