Go easy on your pockets this Christmas



It’s that time of the year where malls are decked with Christmas decorations and Christmas songs to get your festive mood. Hari Raya, Kaamatan, Hari Gawai, Deepavali and now Christmas have all been affected by Covid-19. Although the pandemic has dampened the festivities, it doesn’t mean that we can’t keep the Christmas spirit alive! At least at our own homes.

But given the current situation with Covid-19, it is best to celebrate Christmas in moderation – in its festivity as well as for our pockets. The uncertainty that comes with the virus has definitely given us a cause to be more careful with our spending. So, with Christmas around the corner, here are some ideas on how to celebrate Christmas with a budget that’s easy on your pocket.


1. Take advantage of sales

The good thing about Christmas is that it always comes with a slew of tempting sales! 12.12, Christmas sale, Boxing Day sale, Black Friday sale, it seems like all of the major end of the year sales around the world have managed to make their way to the Malaysian market. And now with Christmas sales at our fingertips, it is easier than ever to shop for your Christmas necessities.

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2. Cut unnecessary spending

Small adjustments can go a long way. And when you put your mind to it, you might be surprised with how many things you can live without when preparing for Christmas. For example:

  • You don’t need one-time use items such as ribbons, stickers and fancy tapes for your decoration and presents.
  • Save on wrappings. Shopping around Christmas time means your items will most likely come in nice Christmas packaging.
  • Reuse your old decorations that you have stocked up over the years instead of buying new ones.
  • Buy a reusable Christmas tree that you can use year in and year out instead of buying new ones every year. Just remember to wipe down the dust before putting it up again.

This way you’re not only saving your money, it is also a more eco-friendly move!


3. Put your talents to good use for decoration

Get creative with the decorations. Instead of using store-bought items, personalise your home with items made by you and your loved ones. You can even get your kids to participate and help out with the Christmas preparations.

  • Have some old baking moulds around the house? Use the vintage mould as part of your Christmas tree decoration instead to add a rustic look to it. Just glue a string to the back of the moulds and hang it on your tree.
  • Toys are also a great way to decorate your tree. Ask your children to pick their favourite toys that they can either hang on the tree or be place them around the presents. It is also a great way to get your children involved with Christmas decorations without making it feel like a chore.
  • DIY honeycomb wreath is another great project to do as a family. Instead of throwing away the cardboard tube from your toilet paper roll, keep them for this Christmas art project! Colour in the tubes then glue it to shape a wreath that’s worthy enough to be placed in your living room. You can even decide to put some small items such as extra bells or flowers from your garden into the honeycomb.
  • A quick trick to instantly make your house festive is by using string lights. They’re easily available and cheap!
  • Add warmth to your living room by putting some cozy blankets to cover your couches and benches.

Print out your family photos to add an air of festivity around the house. You can even use them as a Christmas tree deco. If you need frames for your photos, you can check out The Frame Shop at cari@unifi.


4. Secret Santa

Instead of having to buy everyone gifts, a game of Secret Santa is a great way to cut down resources and increase the Christmassy fun. Draw your lucky recipient at random from a box (or use an app) and have fun in appreciating your family and friends’ gift ideas. You might be pleasantly surprised by their humour and cleverness. Set a price limit for the presents to make it fair for everyone involved and bask in the fun of Secret Santa.

Oh, if you are having a small gathering for gift exchange, make it a potluck dinner for a hearty and inexpensive feast!


5. Homemade feast

While it may be overwhelming to prepare a whole feast yourself, you can at least make your own cookies instead of buying them. Consider having a decorating party with your family in the days leading up to Christmas or even make it as a Christmas day activity. It is a great way to bond with your family and get your children started on helping out around the house. Not to mention that they make great snacks while you cuddle up watching Christmas movies with your family. Remember to have fun! Don’t stress out if the children starts making cookies in funny shapes. Enjoy the moment!


Last but not least, as we are unable to be with most of our extended family members during this Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) period, sending them a personalised, handwritten Christmas card can add a nice touch to your Christmas celebration.

As Christmas comes around to close the final celebrations for 2020, remember to hug your loved ones and keep in touch with them at least virtually. Christmas is a great time to reconnect with your friends and family in a year that has been nothing but unusual.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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