Gift Ideas for Father’s Day


Every girl’s first love, and every boy’s first superhero - we are celebrating all Dads, Ayahs, Papa’s, Appas everywhere; their love and dedication towards the family is like no other. Father’s Day is celebrated each year on the third Sunday in June. This year, Father’s Day falls on 20 June 2021. If you plan to celebrate Father’s Day, why don’t you get him something memorable based on his interest? May we recommend a treat to a feast, send delivery of his favourite dish or treats. Since it is his special day, throw in a personal gift too. A little something always goes a long way to show your love and gratitude for your old man. Here we list some gift ideas for the special man in our life.

New Clothing

Perhaps the obvious choice, but essential, get a new pair of clothing for Dads who never go out of style! You might want to consider clothing that is suitable in the new normal, if Dad is working from home, skip the formal blazers for now and go for the collar polo tees. If Dad enjoys exercising, a new pair of sneakers for indoors will be a great choice. Yes, indoors! Now that we are spending more time at home, wearing sneakers around the house has become a trend for active Dads to start their daily work out. Try to choose something that would suit your dad's style or if you are still clueless about which shoes to buy, go with his favourite colour. Visit RSV Shoes for more high-quality shoes!

Your Dad is all about looking casual and feeling comfortable? Get him something practical that he will want to wear everyday like a simple T-shirt. So that every time he puts it on, he will smile and think of you! HLA Malaysia has plenty of high-quality yet affordable garments for you to choose from. They provide choices with many colours and designs. It is truly just a matter of choosing!

Gentlemen Accessories

While Mums get accessories such as jewelry or scarves, Dads can settle for Wallets or Watches. Authentic leather goods have always made great gifts throughout the years because they last a long time and are always versatile. If you have just gotten Dad a wallet recently, a belt, backpack or pouch, are all great leather selections for Dads. If you are interested in looking for more leather products, check out Jasley Leather.

Gifts for his Hobbies

The key to finding a great gift for someone is to find out their interests and hobbies. Think of your Dad’s favourite past time - perhaps golfing? If your Dad is a golfer, surprising him with golf accessories and tools is a really great idea. The good news is V K Golf has it all! From golf gloves, towels, shoes and many kinds of golf clubs for him to enjoy his favourite sport later on. They even provide door-to-door delivery service to make things easier for you during this pandemic.

Special Treats

If you think gifting is too ordinary a choice and wish to give something money-can't-buy experience this year, why not make this Father’s Day, literally a day-off just for Dad? Plan with the entire family to give him a good rest this Father’s Day. Let Dad become a couch potato watching the Sports channel, stock up the fridge with his favourite snacks, or simply let him catch up with his projects at home, such as gardening, finishing a book or polishing the car. Since we can’t leave home, let Dad have his own time by not disturbing his activity, unless invited. Today, let Dad feels fully relaxed without thinking of taking out the trash.

Extra: Gifts for Mums

Even though it is Father’s Day, Dads can score extra points with the Missus by appreciating the Queen of our hearts - Mothers! There is no rule specifying Fathers Day is just for fathers, so let Mum join in the fun too. May we recommend Dads to get mothers a bouquet of her favourite flowers, full service at the dining table or perhaps a spa day at home? Most times, simple gestures make the biggest impact!

If you are apprehended on finding inspiration to celebrate your Dad during this upcoming Father’s Day, find more ideas and choices here. Staying at home despite the Movement Control Order should not be a barricade to show your love and appreciation to your loved ones. Thus, let’s cherish and honour our father (and mothers) not just on Father’s Day, but any other day. Because, every moment shared with our family is precious and needs to be cherished. #sTayhoMe, Happy Father’s Day!

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