CNY Celebration 2022


Yes, everyone can agree to some extent it has been a challenging couple of years. Yet here we are in 2022, continuing our fight to end the global pandemic COVID-19. As we take precautionary measures to combat the virus, let’s not let it dampen our spirit to welcome the auspicious year of the Tiger, because a new year is always a new beginning for new hope and best wishes. 

In previous years, we celebrated Chinese New Year in the new normal. Now this year, perhaps we are more prepared in the sense we are already used to this new normal. In keeping everyone safe during this festive season, let’s adhere to the SOPs and celebrate responsibly. Here are some suggestions to keep the traditions of celebrating Chinese New Year alive this year.

Wear Red and Gold

Girl wearing traditional red Chinese costume cheongsam on Chinese New Year

First things first, let’s get into the mood for Chinese New Year. It is time to wear red! Get new clothes in red, gold accessories and perhaps a face mask coloured in red or gold, when you go out. It is a good idea to decorate your house too, as you may have guests virtually over video calls to see your creative touches around the house. If you have the time, why not decorate a wall for your video call's backdrop?

Online Shopping, e-Deliveries

Gifts on Chinese New Year

Malls are most likely to have festive sales now, but since shopping everything online has become a new norm, most online marketplace has special deals and discounts for CNY. Scout for the perfect gift for friends and family members and surprise them with e-deliveries. For those who prefer personal thoughts in gifting, why not utilise e-delivery services to send your personal DIY gift?

E-reunion with family & friends


Reunion and Gathering via Video calls on Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year has always been about gatherings and reunions among family members. We may not be able to host or join big gatherings this year, but there’s no limitation to group video calls. Schedule video call sessions with your family, extended family, and friends you usually gather with over Chinese New Year. Eat & drink together over video calls and do not forget to take a lot of pictures and video call screenshots! 

After dinner, continue the celebration with a classic game of cards, virtual style. There are also numerous online games suitable for everyone such as charades, trivia, or even board games.

Send e-Hang bao

Sending hang baos via online transactions

Giving red packets or hang bao is a tradition to wish your family members good wishes and give blessings. Although we may not be able to hand red packets physically, there’s always an alternative to do just that. It is always the thought that counts, and now there are plenty of ways to send e-Hang bao.

First, there’s always bank transfer but how about something different? Everyone is using e-Wallet these days, why not transfer cash to their e-Wallet or send in vouchers for their favourite items? For example, while the adults may appreciate food vouchers, youngsters might enjoy online game credits or video streaming service subscription. Those virtual e-Hang baos sure bring joy to the recipients. 

This CNY, have a look at what cari@unifi sellers are offering, from authentic Chinese style feasts to snacks for your celebration at home!

Chinese New Year is a celebration of joy and wishes of prosperity. Despite the challenging current event, it should not stop us from celebrating with our loved ones, it's just that we have to adjust to the way we celebrate it this year. Although different, the atmosphere, the traditions, and the joy of Chinese New Year would be the same. Go on, have a prosperous Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!
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