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During the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) period, parcel delivery day is the new weekend or hobby for us. Days are now blurred to delivery day and no delivery day. Whether its cake, food, books or an impulsive parcel purchased at the 11.11 sale, they all provide us with small joys throughout this bizarre year. Many of us have delved into online selling and as a seller, one of the most important decisions you’d have to make is choosing the right delivery partner for your product. Are they reliable? Will your product survive the journey?

Managing the logistics of your parcel or product can be a tricky business. You might find yourself dealing with unforeseen circumstance, but a good delivery partner will be able to anticipate such situations and do their best to plan and manage those scenarios. Here are a few key things to consider before choosing a delivery partner for your online business.


First things first, identify the kind of service you are looking to engage for your online business. Are you looking for a delivery partner with the services of a fulfilment centre? This would depend on the nature and size of your business.

Reliability is key when choosing your delivery partner. They are the line that literally connects you with your customers. The last runner in a relay race. Their service play an important role in shaping your customers’ buying experience with you. If your product is good but arrives in bad shape, you will surely lose a customer and get a bad review. Their reliability (or lack of it) has a direct effect on you (the seller). To help you gauge their reliability, consider asking about their customer satisfaction statistics and average delivery times. Or you can also do it manually by looking up customer reviews of their services on social media. People are almost always too honest with their online reviews.

Affordability is another aspect to consider. Any business owner will have to balance the quality of their service and the cost that comes with it. If your customer is happy but you are not making money for yourself, it may give you (temporary) good vibes but your business is not sustainable. Make sure you take into account the additional delivery cost.


Speed. The faster you get your product delivered, the happier your customer will be. Customers are always impressed if the delivery is fast, making it more likely for them to be a returning customer for your products. Make sure your delivery partner is able to deliver within the promised timeframe.

Area of coverage. First, check that the service provider is present in your area. Find out if they have a drop off point near you or provide pick up services (How else would you post your items?). Next, check the delivery coverage areas. The bigger the coverage, the wider your reach to the customers. As your business grows bigger, you might want to look at the options for international delivery services as well.

Avoid long term commitments. With so many choices out there, you can use multiple delivery partners for your business. Do not tie yourself with just one in case they fail to live up to your standards or go out of business. Review their performance regularly and be clear about your expectations on their services.


It is also a good idea to choose a partner that provides customer experience that is aligned to your brand’s ethos. Do they provide package tracking? Will they give notice if there is a failed delivery attempt? Are their drivers rude? Will they maintain professionalism in handling your customer’s personal information?

Don’t forget about product returns. Set up an easy return policy and select a delivery partner that can help you to provide the service smoothly for your customers. Check if the service provider has easy and accessible drop off points for your customers. Even better if they can offer a reverse pick up service for those who wish to return bigger items or might have transportation issues. This added service just might earn you extra customer loyalty points.

With the significant increase in online sales, so has our choices for our preferred courier to deliver our parcels and packages. Out of the many parcel delivery services out there, Grab and LalaMove are arguably the most used service providers but there are certainly a fair amount of (relatively) new or lesser known players entering the ring. And we have compiled them here for your consideration the next time you need to arrange for a parcel delivery.


Mr Speedy

The new kid on the block attempting to break the dominance of the likes of Grab. Mr Speedy comes highly recommended by many sellers who have used them. From food to parcels, Mr Speedy does it all, even providing a same day delivery option within the Klang Valley. To perform a delivery, they have a simple and user friendly app and you can even book their service without creating an account. Their services starts from RM4 and cash on delivery (COD) option is also available.

You can find out more about their services here at cari@unifi


iExpress Malaysia 

This company provides delivery as well as fulfilment services for your business, giving you a peace of mind on the logistics of your product. iExpress also offers drop off points and self-collection services at their outlets. On top of that, they also provide an array of related businesses for their customers including printing and packaging materials. So if you’re looking for a partner to fully manage your shipping process, consider engaging iExpress.

More on their services here at cari@unifi



With 33 outlets across Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Terengganu, Kedah and Penang, ikobana has an extensive coverage in Peninsular Malaysia. You can either go to any of their outlets to send your parcel or have them pick it up from you via their i-Ryder services.

Oh, and while you’re there at their outlet you can also renew your motor insurance or pay your bills! Their outlets are equipped with these services as well.

More on their services here at cari@unifi



This one’s for the Negeri Sembilan businesses out there. SendMe is a Negeri Sembilan-based delivery partner that ships locally as well as internationally. They work with the bigger courier companies such as POS Laju, ABX Express, Citylink and many more to fulfil your delivery needs. They offer a pick up and drop off point at their Port Dickson (PD) outlet where they accept items such as documents, parcels or even frozen food. Price begins from 50 cents per item. This service is particularly useful when your customer is not at home.

More on their services here at cari@unifi


CT Wide 

This is a licensed despatch and courier company with over 10 years of experience. So you can count on them to provide a professional and reliable services for your business. Their services range from same day delivery for parcels and documents to even a runner service to cater to your needs.

More on their services here at cari@unifi


Now that you know all the basics in choosing your delivery partner, we wish you all the best in your business ventures!

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