Are you a Hijabista Fashionista or a 'Perempuan Melayu Terakhir'?


Muslims make up 1.8 billion of the world’s population with Indonesia, our next door neighbour, being home to the biggest Islamic population in the world. Yet, until recently, Islamic fashion mainly consisted of women wearing abaya, 'baju kurung' or putting on multiple layers in our tropical weather.

Thankfully, the Islamic fashion industry has made leaps and jumps with emerging Muslim designers coming up with their own fashion brands and the likes of celebrity singer-songwriter Yuna setting the trends for Islamic fashion. Taking cue from this, Malaysians and Muslims all over the world take it in their stride to adapt fashionable modest clothing to their own sense of style, making regular outfits look awesome.

But do you know what your style says about you? We’ve put together different styles and their personality interpretation for some fashion fun!

The Creatives

Refusing to be defined nor conform to society’s expectations, you strive to create your own sense of style with your own set of rules. Your outfits are often bold with unconventional mix of colours and attire. Your choice of prints is almost always exaggerated. Depending on the mood, you might decide to go completely mysterious with an all-black outfit. Staying true to the arts, you often prefer wearing handmade jewelleries and accessories by local artisans rather than putting on factory-made fancy jewelleries.

The Power Woman

Always looking (effortlessly) pulled together and sophisticated, these ladies spread a message of empowerment just by their presence alone. Traditionally, the power women can be seen sporting the quintessential blazer with shoulder pads and stilettos. But with strides made by Muslim designers everywhere (not to mention our local talents!), the ‘power suit’ has loosen the pant-suit grip! Lady bosses can now be a lot more versatile and bold. An elegant modest dress or sleek long skirt paired with a silk top, with a matching stylish wrap hijab to complete the look – these are just some of the endless possibilities of outfits these power ladies sport.

But the biggest key in pulling off this look? An outfit that makes you feel confident and at ease with yourself! That’s how these power ladies rock those boardroom meetings one power suit at a time!

The Hijabista Fashionista

These fashionistas are always dressed according to the up-to-date trends. Your head scarf has gone through several transformation beginning from the classic tudung to the side twist to the current turban trend (thanks, Yuna!). Your wardrobe is filled with trendy popular colours (neo-mint, purple, cerulean blue, turmeric yellow, sage green and earth brown according to Harper’s Bazaar) and often updated to keep up with the latest trends. You are unafraid of mixing prints and can work unique colour schemes like a pro! Your friends might not always understand your evolving fashion style but you love them anyway. Because more often than not, they are often surprised at the fashions trends you’ve pulled off.

The Chic Elegance

Laidback with an eye to detail, you are always looking effortlessly elegant in your monochromatic outfit, inspired by the likes of Victoria Beckham. Preferring the calming, soothing tones of the neutral colour palettes, you are always dressed in these shades, often accenting your outfit’s subtle dash of personality with a dainty scarf embellished with pearls and a nude lip to bring about a breath of springtime everywhere you go.

Just like how you effortlessly blend your outfit, there is gentleness in the way fashion complements your lifestyle. It takes innate fashion sense to pull this off!

The Laidback Friend

You claim comfort is the main priority when it comes to your wardrobe but secretly keep an eye on the modest fashion industry so that you do not fall out of style. Cotton and linen tops paired with stylishly comfy pants, you go about your day perfectly balancing the need for comfort without sacrificing style. This is your secret super power!

(Though you don’t mind dressing up once in a while for special occasions for your close friends and family!)

The Casual Enthusiast

A true believer in comfort and practicality, fashion trends take a back seat for you. You always head for the easy care section whenever you shop for new clothes. Your friends have tried to convince you to revamp your wardrobe but to you, your favourite jacket is enough to spruce up your outfit when you need to dress up a little. You fashion sense is not merely an outfit, but a reflection of your personal beliefs.

The Classique Modest

You embrace the classique modest style that existed even before the Islamic fashion industry became a thing. As the name suggests, you prefer donning the niqab and abaya but that does not dampen your fashion spirit! The headscarf alone is a fashion statement on its own. Abayas are becoming more stylish with the use of soothing colours and you put your own spin to it by playing it up with accessories like bags and shoes. You make it a point to show people that dressing modestly does not mean letting go of all your fashion sense.

'Perempuan Melayu Terakhir'

Not one to be bothered by the ever-evolving fashion trends, you stay true to your love for 'baju kurung'. It is both practical and evergreen. When planned right, one outfit in a 'baju kurung' can be worn to a casual lunch, a business meeting and a 'kenduri' all on the same day. Versatility and practically are unique elements that make 'baju kurung' so special and stylish.

By 2023, the Islamic fashion industry is forecasted to reach $361 billion a year! It’s no wonder that brands like Nike, Zara and even the luxury fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana have introduced apparels targeted at Muslim consumers. Safe to say, this modest fashion trend is here to stay! And with such promising prospects, we can expect our local Islamic fashion brands to continue to grow as well! Hooray for us!

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