5 simple tips on getting your curtains right


Curtains are underrated. We see them every day but somehow their value and functionality is often swept to the back of our minds. But can you imagine your house without curtains? They are actually a pretty important component to your interior look. They can tie together your room(s) or they can be an eyesore as an awkward hanging on the wall. They are also the simplest tool to protect your privacy at home.

If your curtain doesn’t seem to be sitting quite right, maybe it’s time for you to redecorate. A piece of mind at your humble abode is essential when we are spending so much time at home during this battle with Covid-19.

We’ve a list of common mistakes and some simple tips for you to follow the next time you need to buy curtains or redecorate your house.


1. Choose the right type of curtain

In a country where it’s sunny and bright all year long, curtains play an important role in any Malaysian household. Curtains shield us from the harsh sun rays that can do damage to our skin as well as our furniture. Yes, the sun can have an effect on our furniture – too much sun will cause our fabrics to fade faster. Think of it as a low maintenance act to maintain the beauty of the house and yourself.

If light pollution is an issue for you, consider getting blackout curtains to block external lights from coming into your bedroom. This type of curtain is also useful in keeping heat from seeping into our rooms.

For those with allergies, use sheer fabric as they are effective in preventing pollens from getting through the open windows.

Oh, it is advisable to avoid using silk material for your curtain as it can rot in moist environment. Faux silk is a great alternative as it is more durable. 


2. The right way to measure

Taking the measurement for curtains can be confusing. Where do you measure from? The ceiling? The window frame?

To get the right curtain length – measure from a few inches below the ceiling then all the way down to the floor.

As for the width of the curtain, multiply the width of your window by 2. This is an easy way to make sure that the window won’t be blocked too much when the curtains are open.


3. Don’t hang them too low or too high

Curtains that hang too low has a shrinking effect to the room. The drapes overflowing too much on the floor make the ceiling feel lower than it actually is. Visually, curtains that don’t match the length of the window and hanging short awkwardly will also give an unfinished effect, and not in the good way.

Whatever your budget is, you can definitely do it right by trying out these different styles:

  • The slight float – leaving less than inch above the floor. This is the most common and easiest style to use for any of your rooms.
  • The kiss – as the name suggests, this style leaves the curtains to barely kiss the floor. It is also the hardest one to pull off as it requires precise calculations from the rod, taking into account the measurement of the rings and hooks as well!

The puddle – this one is for all the romantics out there who prefer their curtains to puddle on the floor for that old European, feminine style.


4. Hang the rod right

When hanging your curtain, make sure the rod is at least 6-10 inches longer on either side of the window frame if you have the space. This way your curtain won’t be blocking the light from the window.

Do not skimp on your rod as well. This piece of metal is literally holding your curtains. Invest in sturdier materials such as metal or wood instead of plastic. Cheap rods do not last long and would bend under the weight of the curtains, especially on larger windows. If the rod sags in the middle, that’s a clear sign of a cheap rod.  If you do want to save money, pick a curtain material that fits your price range.

p/s: to add aesthetics to your interior, choose a rod that complements the style of your room(s) and be sure to install the curtain rods at the same height.


5. Make your life easier with low maintenance fabric

Here’s a tip to make your life easier – machine washable fabric for your curtains!

Ideally, your curtains should be cleaned every 3 – 6 months. The chore can be an expensive and tedious exercise especially if they are made up of materials that require extra care.

To sidestep this problem, choose unlined curtains made from materials such as linen, cotton or synthetic fabrics that can easily be washed in the washing machine. If they are lined, a quick hand wash would do the trick too. Plus, this type of curtain is also great for those with dust allergies or pets at home.

Pro-tip: Curtains that must be dry cleaned are the ones with pleats or swags


Are you ready to shop for your curtains? Here are some great curtain shops for you to choose from: Curtain Culture, Yaman Curtain and VL Curtain. Visit their pages on cari@unifi to start your decorating journey!

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