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Bright Kids Ipoh is a Kindergarten & Day Care Centre for children aged 3-6 years old. We aim to provide a warm and conducive environment where children can enjoy their learning process. We apply Integrated Curriculum that makes learning meaningful to young children. Kindly WhatsApp us if you require further information.

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Kindergarten & Nursery: Bright Kids Kindergarten and Nursery Program applies the Integrated Curriculum that makes learning meaningful to young children. Children who come here will develop a strong foundation of language and mathematics skills which are vital tools for their future learning.

We guide and help children in ways that could develop the total self is what our kindergarten endeavors untiringly. Consistent with the contemporary educational philosophy and pedagogy, we believe that children are individuals who need to build healthy self-concept as a base to achieve other elements in life. We want children to get a balanced education that includes physical, cognitive, personality and ethic, social and emotional development. Therefore we emphasis on Total Learning. Our curriculum reflects a thematic approach, which integrates Mathematics, Science, Moral Education, Music, Art and Language Skills. It is challenging but not stressful, consistent yet flexible.

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