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Fast and easy for anyone to make Natural herbs and spices No artificial colours No preservatives Serves 2 to 4 people 45grams e

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Who said that cooking Authentic Malaysian Indian Curry's was difficult and tedious? Well, now you can have an Authentic Malaysian Indian Curry experience right at home with Love Tiffin Premix. Our premix recipe's serves the most popular curry dishes consumed by most Malaysian's everyday. Also, it is fast and easy for anyone to make, use natural herbs and spices, no artificial colours, no preservatives and may serves up to 4 people. It is 45grams each per packet ! Do check out our insane Mix & Match Promo now ! Buy any 5 of our premix for only RM 35 (SLASHED FROM RM 39.50). Mix & Match 10 of our Premix for only RM 70 and get FREE Delivery.
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